The career field of construction management has been growing steadily in the past and in present decade. Construction managers work in an advisory role on behalf of the owner. They oversee many areas of the construction project, such as budget, safety, quality control, and time management. Construction managers also represent the owner in disputes that may arise between the builders, designers, and other parties. For this reason, construction management is now recognized as an important career field in its own right.

The body of knowledge for this course is based on “Certified Construction Manager” course of “Construction Management Association of America” and “Construction Manager Certification Institute (CMCI) USA”.

The construction industry is one of the oldest and largest industries. Construction activity provides employment on a large scale. The use of machines and equipment, which have become part and parcel of construction in modern times, has not only reduced the time of construction and number of people engaged in construction but also improved the quality of construction and materials.

The construction of high rise buildings, dams and barrages, metro rail, cable stayed bridge, high chimneys, etc. are now undertaken easily because of the availability of equipment and machines.

In most of the developed countries, scientific tools such as construction management techniques are used, while in developing countries very little modemisation has taken place in this industry. These countries still continue with the traditional labour-intensive style of c ion which is time-consuming and does not match quality requirement demanded in construction.

If construction project schedules are not maintained, the cost increases by leaps and bounds. While it is true that in the third world countries with a high population, it is not appropriate to opt for complete mechanization of construction, it must be realized that the use of plants and machinery sometimes becomes absolutely necessary for certain types of construction and to ensure good quality.

This course covers all aspects and areas to become successful construction manager.

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