Sales Outsourcing

In today's highly competitive environment, many firms make the decision to outsource a business process on the well-established idea that it is better to contract for services that are not within the scope of a company's core set of competencies. While outsourcing was once limited to peripheral firm activities such as advertising, firms are expanding the types of functions they outsource. For instance, many firms have begun to outsource their sales force, or at a minimum, have begun to consider ‘renting’ a sales force rather than ‘owning’ their own sales force.


Quality Management Activities Outsourcing

In some organizations, there may not be sufficient work and time to justify a full-time Quality Manager to coordinate with the other departments. Busy directors and managers may need to concentrate on their prime business roles as well. To support these businesses, Cesium International Support Services to provide a tailored and trained personnel to manage the Quality Management Activities. The service includes a Management System Maintenance Plan, which is agreed on for period. The plan may include:


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